Staying Connected with SaaS Customers and Operating Multiple Office Locations feat. Xenia Muntean of Planable

Allan chats with Xenia Muntean, the Co-Founder and CEO of Planable.

  • Xenia’s own experience as a Digital Agency owner led her to create the SaaS product.
  • Their client relationships are 100% remote.
  • They acquire customers largely through content marketing.
  • The Planable team is located in Bucharest and Moldova. The two offices are brought together by occasional in-person events.
  • As an alternative to in-person workshops, during this time, they run alternative team-building activities such as playing games together.
  • They rely on thorough Help Center documentation to enable customers to solve problems on their own.
  • Their Intercom chat support brings the Planable Team closer to customers through real-time conversations.
  • They make customers feel like insiders by letting them influence the publicly visible Product Roadmap.
  • They’ve seen a notable increase in demand for the product from academic institutions. Such organizations are relying more on remote communication through social media during these times.
  • Xenia prescribes to communicate much more as folks switch to working from home. It helps to connect with more senses by getting heard on the phone or being seen on camera.

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