Chris Angelius: Freelance Motion Designer & Art Director – Pro Video Podcast 65

Chris Angelius is a freelance motion designer and art director based in Sydney, Australia. This episode explores his work on various projects ranging from concert visuals for Eminem to leading automotive brands and sporting events.

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Show Notes: Compiled by Matt Lloyd

01.30 – Mograph is a team sport: the unusually collaborative nature of mograph projects
03.44 – “This industry is all problem-solving”
05.10 – About Vanta Collective
06.10 – It seems like “the tide is shifting away” from founding/owning studios, and towards freelancing, sometimes collectively
09.18 – The intimidating side of freelancing: coming in cold to a new work place
11.31 – Eminem piece, a 35 minute, 10K, seven screen video colossus for Coachella, created in collaboration with Blackbird studio. Projected using Watchout for playback control
13.50 – Discussion of coordination of remote work, which suits Houdini artists particularly well, since they create lightweight digital assets, rather than huge rendered files
15.00 – Remote artists frequently have higher spec equipment than studios/design companies
15.30 – Discussion of charging for remote jobs
16.10 – Redshift is Chris’s render engine of choice for C4D
17.30 – How Otoy got left behind by Redshift: not delivering on promises and poor customer service!
20.25 – Chris’s favourite part of the Coachella piece
24.00 – Chris’s preference is for a studio to know clearly what it wants to see in a project, rather than making creative guesses on their behalf
26.15 – Chris asks his clients a series of questions before a job begins, to try to avoid problems down the line.
27.25 – The importance of keeping an open dialogue with clients
28.20 – Chris’s car work eg motion, particles and compositing on Camry Global Launch with Rotor Studios
31.42 – Sprinklr Square Peg by Mighty Nice in collaboration with Nexus
36.46 – Netball World Cup piece by DD8
38.08 – Art director Gerad Gray

42.14 – Pro Video Picks

42.50 – shareX
44.02 – Simplemind

46.14 – Following

Harrison Vincent
Ben Watts
Lucas Vojir

50.00 – Inspiration and Influence

Everything everyday everywhere!
NYC vintage sign design, architecture, reading design books.

51.17 – Inspirational videos


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54.32 – Who should be on the show?

Ben Watts

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