Working with International Clients, Remote Offices, and Clear Communication | Featuring Stephan Csorba

Allan of RemoteCompass  chats with Stephan Csorba of Csorba Media, a full-service web design, WordPress, and app development agency.

Show notes:

  • 99% of Stephan’s customers are overseas (outside the Netherlands)
  • Stephan operated offices in Brussels and Tokyo, on top of his Netherlands operations
  • Their team worked with time differences across continents
  • They started companies in other countries in order to build stronger relationships
  • Stephan books online meetings frequently in order to sync up with his global team and clients
  • Stephan’s day starts (at 9 am) and ends (at midnight) with online meetings
  • Every project goes through Stephan in order to maintain quality
  • Flexibility enables Stephen’s team to do business with international clients

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