Betsy DiSalvo: More than just play, or the significance of ethnicity, race, gender & sociality in how young people engage with video games, education & technology – The Human Show Podcast Podcast 11





Dr. Betsy DiSalvo is an Assistant Professor at the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Institute of Technology. There she leads the Culture and Technology Lab, where they research how cultural values impact the use and production of technologies. Betsy’s work includes the development of the Glitch Game Tester Program and projects for Walker Art Center and other research on people’s relationships to technology.

In this episode she will be talking to us about the different ways in which ethnicity, race and gender impact how young people engage with video games and each-other. We also talk about her work with the Culture and Technology Lab, how computational technology has changed the educational space in the US and about the role of the education sector in increasing diversity and access to the technology sector as a whole.

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Mentioned in Podcast:

Video Game Census

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Betsy’s work: 

Games Influence on CS Interest

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Gaming and Masculinity

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Maker Based Leaning

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Parents use of Technology for Education

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