Mike Cardillo – Sixteen Corners: Directing, Writing, Filming, Production, Post, Compositing and more – Pro Video Podcast 57

At Sixteen Corners, they unapologetically create video from an ‘audience-first’ perspective.  They believe no video should ever be boring, nor fail to provide that emotional payoff. This approach is discussed as well as some key projects by Mike and the team at Sixteen Corners.

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Show Notes: Compiled by Matt Lloyd

00.44 – About Sixteen Corners
03.15 – Origin of the name
04.30 – Composition of the team: small and nimble with plenty of trusted freelancers
07.15 – Mint Films
08.35 – Blair: Success is solely driven by motivation and passion
09.00 – Mike’s bio
10.00 – Mike’s part time job fell through, at which time he began interning at post houses, where he met…
10.30 – Martin Taylor, now head of production at StartVR, who hooked him up with his first freelance jobs.
11.40 – In 2003 Began work in the “Broadband Department” at ABC tv, Australia.
13.00 – Blink TV
14.00 – How getting into the industry has changed with the ever increasing accessibility of video tech, and how certain useful processes/strategies can easily be overlooked by younger people.
17.00 – How linear editing on a Steenbeck informs Mike’s editing style
18.51 – Terence Malick’s creative process
20.20 – Adobe Premiere morph cut
21.45 – The increasing intuitiveness of UI design
23.30 – Mike’s blogpost: Enough With Your Shitty Videos Already
25.24 – Martin Weigel of Wieden Kennedy “our primary task is not the nurturing enthusiasm of the few, but overcoming the indifference of the many”
27.00 – Mike’s “audience first” approach to generating content
27.12 – Michael Hauge: “The reason people go to the movies isn’t to think, it’s to feel”
28.48 – “Don’t get your idea out there, get the emotion associated with that idea out there.”
35.00 – “What you’re selling to your clients is not a video, it’s the experience of making a video”
36.35 – Market City Cinema Ad
38.04 – Edgar Wright
39.00 – The importance of shot composition
42.30 – iiNet rollercoaster piece by Sixteen Corners

48.33 – Pro Video Picks:
Learning a new, unrelated skill, in Mike’s case: playing drums

51.16 – Following Online:

53.34 – Sources of Inspiration:
Being a dad

54.54 – Inspirational Video:
The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

58.50 – Who Should Be On The Show:
Stu Willis

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