Ben Buchanan & Matt Lloyd: Pivoting Careers, Motion Design, 2D, 3D, Community, Education & more – Pro Video Podcast 61

Ben Buchanan and Matt Lloyd. Pivoting Careers, Motion Design, 2D, 3D, Community, Education and more. Both Ben and Matt moved into Motion Design later in their careers. Host Blair Walker discusses the challenges and rewards of doing so. They share how they have done so to become successful freelancers.

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Show Notes: Compiled by Matt Lloyd

01.00 – Ben and Matt introduce themselves
03.30 – Ben has been a TA for School Of Motions Design Bootcamp
05.00 – How Ben reached out to Rich Nosworthy for tips on what to learn
06.50 – How Ben’s brother’s connection to Matt Von Trott eventually landed him a meeting with Jonny Kofoed of Assembly
08.25 – Matt’s biggest mistake early on: not understanding the importance of connecting with people when building a career
09.20 – Motion designers seem to be “falling over themselves” to help each other. See Matt’s blog about this.
12.00 – How doing tutorials can boost your confidence in the early stage of learning motion design
14.00 – FXPHD students’ reels tended to stand out because of the emphasis there on creating your their work using techniques they’d learned.
17.00 – How Matt started out learning C4D: Vertex Pusher Hrvoje Srdelic
22.35 – How passion for animation is palpable to people doing the hiring
24.00 – School Of Motions Animation Bootcamp course
27.00 – Finding the time to work on motion design around having a family
29.10 – Ben’s latest reel
33.00 – Ben and Matt talk about their plans for the future
36.30 – Ben is looking to create something “scalable” for the future, so he doesn’t have to be seeking freelance gigs “at 55”

37.16 – Pro Video Picks:
Blender which is undergoing a huge upgrade thanks to the Blender Codequest
For Ben’s picks, see below

39.15- Inspirational Video:
Looking Out My Back Door by  Ariel Costa
Forms in Nature
Anchor Inside Out
Cosmos Laundromat
Jamie XX Gosh Official Music Video

41.07 – Sources of Inspiration:
Mimicry, accents, voices, language

45.06 – Who should we have on the show?
Sean Kennedy
Mathijs Luijten

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Matt: twitter,

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