Mike Tosetto: Director & Founder of Motion Design Studio Never Sit Still – Pro Video Podcast 55

Never Sit Still a world class Motion Design Studio in Sydney Australia. Motion Design, Branding, Networking, 3D, Community, Process and Collaboration are all discussed with Director & Founder Mike Tosetto. Discussed in detail are projects, collaborations and how the studio has evolved.

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Show Notes: Compiled by Matt Lloyd

01.00 – Mike’s Node Presentation
03.35 – Mike’s decision to talk about pressure within this industry
04.55 – Everybody has moments of feeling panic, not even heavyweights such as Tim Clapham are immune to it
05.55 – Giphy
06.30 – About Mike’s company Never Sit Still, specializing in “motion for brand”
08.15 – Mike’s background at Interbrand Mike Rigby now at RGAChris Mclean,  Oliver Maltby
09.00 – “Every single element on a screen must earn its right to be there”
09.50 – “Just say yes” – How being involved in the design community, particularly presenting, has transformed his career, by building his profile.
12.00 – Adobe Makeit 2016 titles, and then 2017 with Luxx.
13.20 – Mike’s Process Reels
13.50 – Vivid
14.20 – Episode 15 with Tim Clapham: Audio Creatures for Lighting the Sails Vivid 2017
15.00 – UmericAsh BollandInterrogate
16.20 – About the Adobe Makeit titles
18.30 – Mike’s take on the limitations of reference material
19.24 – Pah Homestead
21.30 – The transformation of the motion industry: from lone individuals to the flourishing network of today
22.30 – Mike has UTS grads on his staff
25.00 – Smith and Western audio
26.00 – Mike’s emphasis on the power of audio and video combined
28.10 – Beetroot Consultants and New Theatre brand
30.00 – Mike on the ideal video length: SHORT. Tell your story in 30-90 seconds
30.40 – Escentric Molecules piece for M35 branding studio
32.30 – They developed these very complex visuals with codeoncanvas
34.30 – Mike’s experimental bent, and the incredible depth of Cinema 4D
36.00 – Tim Clapham’s iterative “bit-by-bit” approach to building complex shots from scores of small, simpler elements
38.00 – “I do less motion now than ever before” – Mike’s thoughts on being forced off the tools by the responsibilities of running a studio.
42.25 – Working til you burn out is not acceptable, and not good for your creativity…
42.50 – …but nothing rewarding comes easy
44.00 – Mike’s premises are in Surry Hills, Sydney, a great creative hub

44.27 – Pro Video Picks:

46.40 – Hidden expenses incurred when running a business, eg storage/backup

47.00 – Following online:
Curb Your Enthusiasm

48.25 – Inspiration and Influences:
In the shower

49.30 – Inspirational Video:

51.00 – Who should we have on the podcast next?
Chris Mclean, CD at Gretel

53.00 – Follow Mike online:

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