Introductory episode with Paul Spain

Introductory episode with Paul Spain

Paul Spain who is founder and CEO at Global Voice Media and associated brands Podcasts NZ,, interviews Pauline Stockhausen on how her very first episode of The Social Media Strategy Podcast.  They discuss the concept on why Social Media has become paramount in day to day business life.

Pauline interviews business owners, entrepreneurs from around the World on how they are using Social Media in their business.  Upcoming episodes include Cliff Ravenscraft,  Leslie Samuel,  Chocolate Johnny,  George B Thomas,  Jenn Scalia,  Marc Mawhinney,  Owen Video,  Natalie Tolholf just to name a few.

Guests go deep into how they have used Social Media to build their business, how campaigns have been implemented. Learn about how to use email marketing, Social Media Platforms and how to be authentic online.

Pauline and Paul are heading to Social Media Marketing World to Launch The Social Media Strategy Podcast.


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