Hayley Akins, Motion Hatch Podcast and online communities – Pro Video Podcast 46

Host Blair Walker discusses with Hayley the point of difference Motion Hatch offers the industry by focusing on the business of creativity specifically for freelancers.

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Show Notes: Compiled by Matt Lloyd

01.00 – About MotionHatch
01.40 – Hayley’s background, including working at Across The Pond
02.40 – Joey and Chris episodes of Motionhatch
03.40 – Discussion of the Freelance Manifesto‘s applicability across the creative industries, not just motion.
04.48 – “There are no rules [as a freelancer]” Joey Korenman
05.00 – The options and opportunities afforded by freelancing
05.50 – “The business side can be fun” because it can enable you to “build your [own] life more”
07.43 – “Lifestyle design” Magoz is able to work for major clients whilst travelling the world.
09.00 – Why Hayley is aiming to win more remote clients. Locationindie
09.54 – “Think about what you want to do with your life rather than… feeling lucky just to be in the industry”
12.30 – Hayley’s background
13.50 – Her motivation to do the podcast
14.40 – MotionHatch Facebook group
15.45 – Global minimum rate for motion design, discussion of how/what to charge. See Lillian Darmono on this topic.
18.30 – The importance for your professional image of not undercharging. See Chris Do on the topic.
21.00 – It’s up to us as motion designers to be firm when negotiating rates, and to educate clients about what to expect to pay motion designers.
22.30 – Include discounts on invoices if you are doing a job for less than you would normally charge.
24.00 – Joey Korenman’s “Pain and Rainbows” job scale.
25.00 – Further discussion of “lifestyle design” afforded by freelancing.
27.00 – Work on your own projects rather than working for low pay for the potential “exposure” a highly creative job might bring.
28.40 – Motion designers creating products for themselves, see Ryan Summers episode.
29.40 – Diversity of ways of making a living within motion design.
32.00 – Deathbed thought experiment as a means of getting clarity on what’s important to you.
34.35 – The One Thing book
37.10 – Potential advantage of “niche-ing down” into your aspect of motion design, rather than being a generalist
38.00 – Opportunities outside of the mainstream of motion design
40.00 – The need/opportunity for motion designers to create products for the wider market, rather than just for the motion design industry itself.
42.50 – The emerging VR/AR market and the wealth of opportunities for 3d/animation professionals to build businesses in that field
43.10 – Breaking the studio movie model: why don’t VFX artists make their own films?
46.00 – David Farrier and Dylan Reeve and their Tickled Kickstarter, which was used effectively for the movie’s development phase
48.20 – Origin of the name Motion Hatch

53.50 – Pro Video Picks:

Hayley: Asana project management software
Blair: TWIP Podcast with Frederick Van Johnson
56.20 – Reasons to get into podcasts

57.11 – Inspirational Video:
Hayley: WWF High Conservation Values by Nice and Serious
Blair: Vikings from the History Channel

59.40 – Following online:

Hayley: Art of Charm Podcast
Blair: Redshark News
1.01.19 – Panasonic GH5S

1.01.50 – Follow Hayley Online:


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