Rafram Chaddad: Visual Artist & Speaker at The Why the World needs Anthropologists, The Power of Isolation, 27-29th October 2023, Croatia

We are happy to have Rafram with us speaking to his background as a visual artist and his experience and thoughts on isolation. In 2010, Rafram found himself imprisoned in Lybia. He spent six months by himself in an extreme isolation unit, not knowing whether he would live or die. In this conversation, he explores questions such as:

What does it mean to be free?

What is the value of being with oneself?

What do inner conversations reveal and what effects can one experience after such a transformative event?

Rafram also speaks to the power of the artistic lens and how it can help cultivate self-inquiry and drive everyday choices from a space of personal freedom.

Lastly, as a speaker of Why the world needs Anthropologists, The Power of Isolation, he shares his thoughts on anthropology as well as his advice and thoughts to those considering attending the conference. Listen to the episode to hear more about it.

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