Capsule Episode Conference: Dr. Stephanie Herold, Fieldwork School in Business Anthropology – The Human Show Podcast 54






This field school aims to provide participants with an intensive, boot-camp style learning experience that includes academic grounding in business anthropology, opportunities to practice skills in the fields of international research, consumer behaviour, and storytelling and learn from experts in China, Africa, Brazil, India and the US through online guest talks. This week-long field school will take participants through a uniquely mixed program of lectures, workshops, project and reflection time. The program is held on the beautiful island of Tobago in the Southern Caribbean. With an international airport and a range of amenities and accommodations, it aims to be an exciting and comforting, safe space to absorb new knowledge, advance skills, try new ideas and have stimulating, inspiring conversations.

In today’s episode we are joined by Dr. Stephanie Herold, Founder – Pockets of Culture and Organizer of the Field School in Business Anthropology happening in Tobago, June 2nd-9th 2019, on its current speakers and themes around design, digital, research, creativity and intercultural sensitivity and how it all links to business anthropology.


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