Malé Luján Escalante & Luke Moffat, Design Researcher & Philosopher – Response-ability summit 2021

Malé Luján Escalante is a Design Researcher and Educator with expertise in Design-led Responsible Innovation, focusing on ethical implications of socio-technological systems. She experiments using creative and co-design methods to catalyse cross-disciplinary, cross-sector collaboration and community engagement.  Malé is a Lecturer in Design-led Innovation at The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at University of Bristol and the Co-director of isITethical? Exchange Service and Community Platform.

Luke Moffat is a Philosopher interested in ethics of technology, mobilities, and speculative futures. He has taught and researched in Film Studies, Philosophy, Politics, and Sociology departments. He is a researcher at the Department of Sociology at Lancaster University and his current work examines the assemblages of ethical, legal and social issues in the designs, perceptions, and uses of autonomous cars. Luke is also a senior editor at IsITethical?

In light of the upcoming Response-ability Summit this May 20th-21st , we are excited to be talking to two of its amazing speakers – Malé and Luke – and find out what will they be bringing to the conference space and what expectations do they share. We discuss how to use creative ways to form a space of exchange and how to exercise ethics. What is the end of me and the beginning of someone else? We also cover ethics for more-than-humans – if nature can produce technologies, then why would it not have its own ethics too? Through the isITethical? platform, they have formulated an Ethics through Design (EtD) approach, which uses Design Research and playful Art Thinking methods to support Knowledge Exchange and ethical reflections for responsible innovation. Malé and Luke give us a sneak preview of the ritual design workshop Dancing with the Trouble of AI and invite participants to come for a dose of hope instead of worry.


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