Laura Yilmaz: Senior Lecturer and Freelance Director – Pro Video Podcast 78

Laura Yilmaz is a senior lecturer and freelance director for animation, design, illustration, and art direction. Having worked at studios such as Buck, Gentleman Scholar, Brand New School, Royale, and Logan. She has moved into education while remaining to freelance for top studios. This episode host Blair Walker discusses with Laura education, inspiration and diversifying the application of your craft into mediums such as gaming.

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Pro Pick:
“This Is Water” David Foster Wallace

Martina Scarpelli
Wong Ping
Nathalie Lawhead
Jesse Jacobs
David O’Reilly
Feral Cat Den

Inspirational Videos:
“Everything is Going to be OK” Nathalie Lawhead
“Everything” David O’Reilly
“Stop Peeping” Wong Ping
“Egg” Marina Scarpelli

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Laura Yilmaz – Vimeo

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Nicole MacDonald

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