Be You – The Fearless Kitchen 53









In this episode I describe my arrival into the USA, as in my 20s I took up a Private Chef role with a family on Cape Cod. It was the most wonderful engagement but didn’t start well. In fact it began with me so desperate to impress that I did the exact opposite. I learned a valuable lesson very early on, that it is not worth trying to be or emulate someone else.

You need to wholeheartedly be yourself. It is true in the kitchen, but obviously way beyond that as well. The new era of Be Authentic, was something I discovered in this hands on way, where I tried to be authentic to something I believed was desired and forgot to simply be me!

Once, I became relaxed and shared myself, my passion and delivered the types of dishes I loved to cook, the tide turned and I found my happy place and was welcomed with open arms.

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