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Kathleen leads Research & Insights at Dreams, a Fintech company built on behavioral science that boosts financial wellbeing. She is a Dutch national currently based in Stockholm and has worked with UX research for over a decade. Her main interests are innovation and technology with social impact, always trying to connect the dots between people off- and online. Besides working at Dreams she also hosts user research training and coaching. While teaching, mentoring & breathing research she does not try to learn about users and their behavior, but mostly makes sure that the product teams themselves gain this knowledge first hand.

We are pleased to be having Kathleen with us today talking about her passion, UX research and the ways to teach and empower teams to do it themselves. Kathleen questions the skills that a UX researcher is often expected to have and shares her insights into what she believes makes a good researcher.  We explore together some of the practices she engages in in order to democratize research. Kathleen gives examples of projects where she led teams through a learning path with research and shares some lessons learned. Listen to the episode to hear all about it.

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