David Ariew: Freelance 3D Motion Artist – Pro Video Podcast 66

David Ariew freelance 3D motion artist discusses show reels with host Blair Walker. David’s latest reel departs from the standard reel and why that is. We discuss his work and also how personal a reel can be, not only for the content but the way it is presented.

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Show Notes: Compiled by Matt Lloyd

00.44 – David’s new reel
01.58 – Ice Caves music video
03.05 – Composer Ivan Torrent collaborated on the reel. David worked on Space Whales with him too.
06.55 – Music and sound choices can make or break a reel, as of course can the choice of work you show.
08.30 – Discussion the editing process, and how David focuses on a particular piece for a while on the reel, without jumping around too much from project to project.
10.09 – Grouping parts of the reel by grade/colour of the footage.
16.35 – Why Blair didn’t need a reel once during the first two months of freelancing.
18.20 – David’s recent collaboration on the Ice Caves video with Grant Inouye and Christopher Rutledge
19.00 – The current mograph debate: take up Houdini? Or stick to what you really love and get better and better at that?
21.40 – Discussion of how studios collaborate by playing to the strengths of the different team members.
22.30 – The perils of being a one man band, like David.
24.55 – David rarely works in house since specialising in 3d.
26.55 – David Ariew and Brograph collaborate with DeadMaus on his visuals. He himself is really into making 3d and using Octane.
28.00 – Discussion of the huge depth of today’s software, and how much space there is to become a specialist within a given package.
32.00 – The importance of keeping abreast of what the latest tech makes possible.

33.15 – Pro Video Picks 

33.43 – Inspirational videos

Ruin by Wes Ball
The Leviathan by Ruairi Robinson (check out 01.03 shot of docking bay).

37.08 – Software/Tech:

World Creator
Realflow for C4D

41.31 – Following

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
StuZor, Beeple, Sekani Solomon, Hoodass, Josef Bshara

43.05 – Inspiration and Influence
Vimeo and Instagram, Octane Facebook Group, stills from movies and the real world using PureRef

44.27 – Follow David Online:


46.36 – Who should be on the show?

Josef Bshara
Raoul Marks
Ryan Talbot
Alex Ness
Justin LeDuc

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