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Ash Brockwell is an Associate professor and sustainability lead at the London Interdisciplinary School. Ash is also an activist, artist, and creative writer. He is passionate about trans and non-binary visibility in the arts, and is the lead editor of the ‘TransVerse’ poetry anthology series. Ash holds a masters degree in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry from the University of Oxford and a second masters in Environmental Anthropology from the University of Kent. He holds a PhD in Education for Sustainability from Wageningen University and Research Centre in The Netherlands. His research interests include education for sustainable futures, ecopsychology, environmental anthropology, ecology / ethnoecology, pharmacology, biochemistry, molecular biology, gender diversity, non-binary theology, and the role of the arts in mental wellbeing.

We are happy to have Ash with us sharing his academic and personal experiences as he walks with curiousity a path of intersections and intersectionality. Ash tells about his accidental leap from biochemistry to anthropology and the new mental horizons this discipline opened him towards. He reflects on ways and manners of learning and the importance of finding (or making) a language to embrace what’s in front of us. He shares some of his ways of learning, the special space songwork holds in his journey and the power of walking the land. Lastly he tells us about his work with LIS. How is LIS a different approach of education in the context of the UK? And what hope does this holistic approach entails?

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