Accountability, Relationships, and Wellness with Adam Hindley of A-Game Consultancy

Adam is 1/3 of A-Game Consultancy, where both of his business partners are also called Adam (no kidding). They help individuals and businesses improve mental, physical, and internal health.

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Show notes:

  • Adam’s background is physiotherapy and personal training
  • He’s teamed up with two other Adams, a nutritionist and life & habit coach
  • They keep clients engaged through an online community that keeps them accountable
  • He shares about the four pillars of health: physical, mental, internal, and sleep
  • The uncertainty introduced by today’s world should be addressed by doubling down on habits we can control
  • We’re in control of when we wake up and how our morning routine looks like
  • We have power over our diet
  • Adam doesn’t keep his phone in his office, preventing him from waking up to scrolling social
  • He finds that our health and fitness needs revolve around reinforcing ideas that might sound basic, but aren’t practiced
  • While remote communication and digital relationships enable us to connect, we’re built to be around other people
  • We have a variety of relationships to fulfil our different needs: certainty, variety, growth, love & connection, significance and contribution
  • Connect with Adam through their FB Group. Instagram, and Linkedin.

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