Angelina Kussy: Engaged Scholar, Activist & Speaker at Why the World needs Anthropologists, Mobilizing the Planet 10-12 Sept 2021




Angelina Kussy is an economic anthropologist from Warsaw and activist with Barcelona en Comú, the citizen platform governing Barcelona, working for municipalism and Fearless Cities. Her areas of interest are economic anthropology, especially work, public policies for social protection, the care crisis, and transnational migration in enlarged Europe. Her research employs the perspective of gender, class, and other factors of social inequality and qualitative research methods: in-depth and semi-structured interviews, life histories, and ethnographic observations (although she has also collected data for mixed-methods projects).

Angelina is a member of the Department of Anthropology, Philosophy and Social Work of the Rovira i Virgili University and Notus – applied social research centre.  Angelina is writing her PhD at the Autonomous University of Barcelona on domestic workers and the extractivist social organization of care in Europe. She has also written journalistic articles for the Polish and Spanish press that disseminate anthropological knowledge and social critique.

We are happy to have Angelina with us speaking to her background and current work. Angelina shares her views and dialectical relationship to activism & scholarship and takes us through the multiple projects she is currently engaged with. Lastly as a speaker of the Why the World needs Anthropologists, Mobilizing the Planet she shares how she will be contributing to the theme as well as her advice and thoughts to those considering to attend. Listen to the episode to hear more about it.

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Why the World needs Anthropologists, Mobilizing the Planet 10-12 Sept 2021



You can reach her at Twitter: @angelinakussy and Research Gate:

Listen to Angelina’s talk:

Selected academic publications: 

  • From ‘Navetism’ in Romania to the Global Work Force in Spain. Im/mobility and Coercion in the Changing Social Reproductive Regimes in Europe(pending, 2022), in: ‘To Move or Not to Move?’ Historical Perspectives on Labour, Coercion and Im/Mobilities (16th – 20th century) (Eds. Claudia Bernardi, Viola F. Müller, Biljana Stojić and Vilhelm Vilhelmsson), De Gruyter.
  • On Care Extractivism in Migration Flows from Post-Socialist to Southern Europe(2022, pending) in: The Transition Shouldn’t be Colonizing: Decolonial Leftist Politics in European Peripheries (Eds. Sanja Petkovska), Routledge, with Łukasz Moll.
  • The Caring City? A critical reflexion on care municipalism in Barcelona(Submitted to the Special Issue A Municipalist Strategy in Crises? in the Urban Studies journal, Eds. Matthew Thomson, Bertie Russell, Laura Roth), with David Palomera Zaidel and Daniel Silver.
  • Hibernated Lives and Miners ́ Pride: Ethnographic Notes for a Critique of Work Societies(2018), Quaderns de l’InsLtut Català d’Antropologia, with Maika Zampier and Félix Talego [in Spanish].
  • “Another world is possible”: with guaranteed work or guaranteed income? The case of Marinaleda(2017), Praktyka Teoretyczna, with Félix Talego [in Polish].

Selected press articles:

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