Aaron Covrett: 3D Artist working in Interactive & Motion Graphics. Cinema 4D, Houdini, Octane, Lighting, Simulations & Rendering – Pro Video Podcast 59

Not long into his career he is inspirational in the work he’s creating and his passion. Aaron shares his progression from being a student, internships and then working full time at Stink Studios in New York city.

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Show Notes: Compiled by Matt Lloyd

00.45 – Aaron introduces himself
01.20 – Stink Studios NYC
02.10 – Game Of Thrones Wynalda Packaging piece
05.30 – How Aaron’s creative take on the GOT titles won him an internship
07.20 – Aaron’s strategic choices of internships
07.45 – About Stink Studios
10.10 – Aaron’s 3d experiments
14.00 – Specialist vs generalist discussion
17.10 – Aaron’s trial by fire working as the sole motion designer on Google National Park Service Centennial by Stink
22.10 – Aaron’s deep dive into eGPUs, and the global shift in motion design from Apple to PC
26.00 – The utility of comping in footage for VFX (for eg particles) rather than trying to run a sim
27.50 – Posting WIPs Kingston Throop Avs piece
30.00 – Skating around burnout, and the boost that can come from posting wips.
33.00 – Resources and community for those working as the lone motion designer within a company.
34.30 – Shape layers wiggle transform
35.00 – John Dickinson C4D modelling
35.10 – Allegorithmic Substance on Discord
35.50 – The days of hoarding your knowledge for competitive advantage are over
37.45 – Substance FAQ: how to UV unwrap a model
38.00 – Aaron uses 3DCoat’s auto UV unwrap function
39.10 – How, as a graduate, do you survive in NYC? You have to shift your expectations: life is really expensive here, but making connections is much easier in a huge city.

41.24 – Pro Video Picks:
Substance Painter Live Link by Xolotl

44.10 – Following Online:
Reply All

45.45 – Sources of Inspiration:

50.46 – Inspirational Video:
Mattis Dovier

52.34 – Who should we have on the show?
Art by Rens

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