Whirlwind landing at Intercontinental London – The Fearless Kitchen 52

Fearlessness is part of my DNA.  My parents never showed fear and were always adventurous.  My sister and I have tended to follow the same path.  I am not sure it is always admired from the outside, but it has been what has driven us to where we are today.  And that, we all must own.

My time overseas post University was amazing.  Living in London and securing a job at the Intercontinental on Hyde Park Corner, as an Aussie in my early 20s was wonderful.  I remember flying down Sloane Street at the end of a shift, feeling like I belonged in this bold and vibrant city.  I would cruise through Hyde Park, marching in my boots, bought on sale at Harvey Nicks and wander book stores whilst waiting on friends who were working at Harrods, who would mass exodus onto the street after their own shift had finished. 

They were heady days of youthfulness.  There was no fear, no consciousness except of ourselves moving around in this whirlwind of adventure.  I loved every minute of it.  From the crazy responsibilities thrust upon me in my role at the hotel, to choosing to luncheon with an unknown Arab, ready to offer the world, these events just shaped my journey and became learnings in my path to adulthood. 

In many ways I miss it.  The freedom to move as you choose, your decisions not affecting anyone but yourself.  Yet, in light of recent events in London, there are also moments where I take comfort in my safe space in NZ.  London has always been a centre of interest, of bombings, of politics and discourse. 

London is packed with people, who are strong and who are brave.  I would be there in a heartbeat to live in those streets and to move alongside those who know it as home, again.

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