Samantha Rosenthal: An anthropologist in technology & business, developments in technology & people’s relationships to technologies – The Human Show Podcast 44






Samantha Rosenthal is a digital anthropologist and User Experience Researcher who studies the ways in which digital technologies permeate our daily lives and experiences. She has applied anthropology within companies that create and sustain new digital technologies to help contextualise design within lived experience. Currently she is working at Task Rabbit as an experience researcher and has graduated with her masters in anthropology from the University of UCL in London.

In this episode we talk to Samantha about digital anthropology and what it is like to be an anthropologist working in the area of User Experience Research for tech-based companies. We talk about larger topics like the relationships people form with technology through design; application of technology and why it is important or at least an advantage to have a social scientist on board.

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Samantha’s work:

Rosenthal, Samantha. (2017). The Terminator came for Sarah Connor, and we said nothing.” In Hacker (

Rosenthal, Samantha. (2016). “Life of a Smartphone” in Hacker (


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