Podcasts App (Apple)

Podcasts App (Apple)Score 85%Score 85%

This built in Podcasts app including with iOS devices – iPhone, iPad, iPod has for many years been the most popular podcasting app in the world. It’s not the perfect app but it usually works well and provides access to Apple’s currated featured podcasts list and iTunes podcast charts.



Summary Apple's Podcast app is solid podcast listening tool that ticks the boxes for typical podcast listening on the iPhone, iPad or iPod. Key features that cover the basics includes automatic downloading of new episodes over Wi-Fi (with various refresh options and download limits), 1.5x and 2x playback speed options, sort order options and search. The big areas where Apple stand out are with their featured list of podcasts and their iTunes podcast charts - with both being specific to your country.

Review: Podcasts App (Apple)

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