FCB Motion. Motion Design, Editing, 3D, Rendering, Teams, Creative Development, Passion Projects and more – Pro Video Podcast 49

This week host Blair Walker has the other Motion Designers from FCB New Zealand in the Studio. Corban Koschak, Will Brown and Sam Knight sit down to talk about working as a team.

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Show Notes: Compiled by Matt Lloyd

00.30 – Introducing the FCB motion team.
03.00 – Sam: What’s it like getting your head around so many clients as a new addition to the team?
04.00 – A sign of a good freelancer: asking questions early.
05.00 – Project file templates, naming conventions.
07.25 – Learning Cinema 4D on the job.
08.30 – You learn the most when thrown into a real world project vs studying tutorials.
09.30 – A drawback of freelancing: if you want to learn new skills, you need to be part of a team.
11.00 – Getting over mental blocks to learning new skills.
11.30 – Learning Expressions for After Effects, and the perils of using them in team based projects.
12.30 – Editing and motion design as a “black hole” of things to learn.
13.00 – The instant accessibility of highly specific training on the internet can be a drawback: it can lead to patchy, piecemeal comprehension of topics, as opposed to a more rounded, fundamental understanding.
14.40 – Every Frame A Painting analysis of the cinematography of the likes of Roger Deakins
15.15 – “Break down what the masters do”.
15.40 – Sources of distilled, succinct content are rare and valuable.
16.15 – It’s all well and good to watch training content, but you have to make something too, otherwise you’ll forget it.
16.45 – Passion projects.
17.30 – Will’s journey in C4D: from learning the software to developing the skills and confidence to tackle short films.
20.00 – Blair encourages the creation of personal projects, even within the workplace at FCB, as he believes this positively influences the team’s day-to-day work.
20.22 – Division 05 Style and Strategy as a helpful guide when making creative decisions in the workplace.
21.10 – Corban’s solo music projects.
22.10 – The importance of music to motion design.
22.22 – Sam’s meeting with Blair at Nodefest 2017
25.20 – The importance of networking as a freelancer.
28.00 – Meeting people in person is key when looking for employees/employers.
28.40 – What’s it like working with Blair at FCB?
33.00 – The ideal brief “makes the work brainless”: the importance of planning and pre-production.
35.00 – Working with in-house content directors.
36.30 – Low budget productions can be the hardest work because problems have to be fixed every step of the way eg tons of post work is required on shoddy footage.
36.50 – Paul Machliss the editor of Baby Driver made cuts as they were shooting.
38.00 – How tech is changing workflows: at FCB projects remain in online mode, since there is no longer any need to have grades etc “locked” into an offline edit.

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