Agnethe Kirstine Grøn, senior design anthropologist and speaker at the Response-ability Summit 2021: Explainable AI

Agnethe Kirstine Grøn is a senior design anthropologist at Alexandra Instituttet in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is engaged in many aspects of user involvement and user-driven innovation and combines anthropological methodology and design processes to gain a deep understanding of end users and potentials / barriers for change. Agnethe is an expert in facilitating co-creation processes involving different stakeholders, with particular focus on projects concerned with sustainability, technology and urban development. Her approach provides a new perspective on a task and helps make complex academic knowledge relevant and easy to understand for the target group.

We have the pleasure of talking to Agnethe today about her approach as a design anthropologist and her recent research on an “algorithm-journey” model, which will be presented at the upcoming Response-ability Summit on May 20-21st 2021. The method has been created using Service Design tools and allows to map the algorithm journey in order to identify the touchpoints relevant to different stakeholders. ‘One thing is claiming an explanation, another thing is giving an explanation that makes sense’ says Agnethe. In order to implement AI in an ethical way, we need to decide what do we expect from a human and why is it different from what we expect from an algorithm. No less relevant question, according to Agnethe, is how much transparency do we really need? We are curious to learn more about the method and the insights she took away from the research. Finally we ask Agnethe, what is it about the summit that makes it feel like a place to return to each year. Listen to the episode to find out.

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