Adrian Lawrence: Creative Director – Pro Video Podcast 54

The OFFF London 2017 titles are breathtakingly beautiful. The Character Design, Animation and Rendering are uniquely stylized. The Particle animations are mesmerizing in how they move, look and feel. Designed, Directed & Produced by FutureDeluxe. Adrian is the Director on this. Host Blair Walker delves into the creative process behind the work FutureDeluxe creates.

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Show Notes: Compiled by Matt Lloyd

01.00 – Future Deluxe
02.19 – PVP Episode 7
03.00 – OFFF London 2017
05.30 – The OFFF London 2017 team: James Callahan and Andrew Jones, owners of Future Deluxe, Andre (main art director), Nick and Thomas (Particle work in Houdini), Josef from Poland? (character animators), Liam Gabor, Igor (compositing),
09.40 – The team wanted to do the piece because they are not known for doing character animation and wanted to challenge themselves.
10.24 – Inspiration for the aesthetic of the piece
13.10 – Use of colour in the piece
15.50 – African tribal clothing, jewellery and adornment as inspiration
21.30 – The challenge of working with remote freelancers
22.30 – Process behind capturing the essence of a gesture
24.10 – Digital Kitchen titles for True Blood
28.00 – Particles made in Houdini, driven by live action shot by Davey Evans
28.36 – Future Deluxe piece for Intel with photography by him
31.00 – “Top down” photographic angles can be ignored when using CG
31.56 – Felix typographer on OFFF London
33.55 – Diadora Blushield
36.00 – How working direct with the client (rather than through an agency) proved advantageous on this project
41.00 – Housni (compositor)
41.55 – Vitaly Grossman
43.10 – Foam studio

43.45 – Pro Video Picks:
Have a break from the computer: Time management and unwinding

47.40 – Inspiration:
This Is Colossal
Hi Fructose Magazine
SlimeSunday – Instagram
Isle of Dogs Movie

50.30 – Fine dining food Pinterest boards provide inspiration: form and colour

50.55 – Following online:
Joaquin Phoenix movies
Slime Sunday instagram

52.10 – Inspirational Video:
Isle of Dogs by Wes Anderson. Isle of Dogs behind the scenes video
53.30 – Justin animatronics for Isle of Dogs

55.10 – Follow Adrian online
Adrian’s Website
Adrian’s Instagram

55.30 – Who should we have on the show?
Vitaly Grossman

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