7: Natalie Cutler-Welsh – Moving house and starting an online business


Christchurch Earthquakes changed the course of Natalie’s life. Find out how she changed her life and used Social Media to build a successful network business.

Go to Girl

  • Using Social Media to build a network from scratch when you move cities.
  • Doing what you love. Use the networks that you love – it comes across to your audience
  • Make regular Facebook Live posts to grow your audience if you can’t do Podcasts
  • Ages in Stages (how to juggle work and family)
  • Tips for Facebook Groups
  • Connecting with the right people who can help you move forward and change the world
  • “The Shoulder Tap” tip for approaching new contacts when networking online
  • What’s next for Natalie?
  • Collaboration – co-operation is better than competition

The Social Media Strategy Podcast is hosted by Pauline Stockhausen and brought to you by World Podcasts.

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