The War and Treaty: Hearts Town

Tanya Blount Trotter and Michael Trotter Jr. – the husband-and-wife musical duo known as The War And Treaty – have released “Hearts Town,” the title track from their eagerly-anticipated new album, out September 25.

“Hearts Town,” a sprawling and symphonic paean to the healing power of love, was largely inspired by the early days of the couple’s relationship. Michael Trotter explains, “We often come into relationships with our guards up because we have experienced pain from love. And too often when we enter our next relationship, we expect that pain again. But not in this love that I have found with my wife, Tanya.”

He continues, “When our relationship has no hurt and it just plain feels good, we start to question if it’s really real because everything that has been real to us has come wrapped in pain. We start imagining a world where it’s not too good to be true and that world is Hearts Town… Hearts Town is a place where you can come broken and open, regardless of your past and find love, just like we have.”


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