The Human Show

Innovation through Social Science
Welcome to The Human Show, a place to talk about humans, social science and business and what is meaningful to them!

If you want to understand how social scientists study human behaviour, how design specialists innovate or want to know more about how they can successfully work together and enhance each other, then you have come to the right place!

Join Corina and Angel as they engage with anthropologists, other researchers and industry specialists from all over the world. The discussions will be about their specific work in understanding people and how they apply that understanding to advance business and/or larger societal goals.

Whether you are a professional working in business and/or academia, still doing your studies or just simply interested in this topic, thank you for being here, and we hope you enjoy it!

Corina Enache

Corina Enache


Hi! I am Corina. I am currently living in New Zealand, but I have lived & worked pretty much all over the world in the last 10 years. I am a hybrid of 2 worlds, an ex-corporate in global innovation and an MsC in cultural anthropology and I strongly believe in the synergy between the two. Nowadays you can find me at The Sweet Spot, a company that connects cultural anthropology to businesses to drive understanding of the human behavior happening inside & outside them.
Angel Bennett

Angel Bennett


Hi there! I am Angel, I have always been trying to make sense of the world, when I stumbled across social anthropology (the study of humans) I jumped into it and never looked back! I have since completed my BA in anthropology and hopefully starting my MA this year. I occasionally work as an applied anthropologist.
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