Susan Wardell: A conversation about Holidays, Rituals and Religion – The Human Show Podcast 43





Today we are back again with the intelligent Susan Wardell who talks to us about her recent work on religion, ethics and care practices in Uganda and New Zealand.

In this very special episode we also have a conversation about Christmas, the holidays and rituals, practices and ideologies that surround the holidays.

Dr. Susan Wardell is a Professional Practice Fellow at the University of Otago (Dunedin, New Zealand). She is a medical/social anthropologist, with an interest in digital media technologies, particularly in relation to mental health. Her research on mental health and illness, especially among nonprofit workers, has spanned New Zealand and Uganda. She has additionally been involved with research exploring the intersection of reproductive technologies, genetics, and disability in New Zealand. Susan currently teaches on topics such as death and dying, religion and spirituality, emotion, participatory and popular culture, and more.

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Susan’s work:

Wardell, S. (2018). A Stranger in the Name of Jesus: Exploring cosmopolitan ethics in a Ugandan Christian Care Community. Sites, 15(2).

Wardell, S. & Fitzgerald, R.P. (2018). Psychometrics as moral labour: subject formation at the intersection of neoliberal and spiritual discourse. BioSocieties: 1-23.

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