Samsung Galaxy X and S9 rumors, RED Hydrogen One, and Essential Phone with Jon Fingas of Engadget – Mobile Tech Podcast 38

Join me for episode 38 of the Mobile Tech Podcast with guest Jon Fingas of Engadget. Today we discuss various Galaxy X and S9 rumors, the upcoming RED Hydrogen One, the flawed (but gorgeous) Essential PH-1, OnePlus’ credit card faux pas, and Bezalel’s Latitude & Futura X accessories… And no, the iPhone X is not getting cancelled!

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Show Links:

Jon Fingas:
My Essential Phone PH-1 unboxing:
No, the iPhone X is not getting cancelled:
RED Hydrogen One is shipping this summer
Galaxy X rumors:
Galaxy S9/S9+ leaks:
My Vivo in-display fingerprint sensor hand-on:
OnePlus CC breach:
My Blackberry KEYone unboxing:
My Bezalel Latitude & Futura X unboxing:

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