Rich Nosworthy: Compositing in Blackmagic Fusion and Otoy’s latest Octane 4 Release – Pro Video Podcast 52

3D Motion Designer Rich Nosworthy discusses with host Blair Walker his latest tutorials to get started using Fusion quickly and easily. The first is a quick start and the second is focussed on 3D multipass compositing allowing full creative control at the compositing stage. A great way to learn a powerful free compositing application. An exciting release of Octane 4 is discussed and how this will be received and impacted by the 3D community.

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Show Notes: Compiled by Matt Lloyd

01.40 – Blackmagic Fusion tutorials by Rich Nosworthy
03.00 – Pros and cons of releasing software for free/low price
05.40 – The idea behind Rich’s quick start Fusion tutorial
06.25 – The content of the tutorial
08.20 – Software agnosticism: using the best tool for the job
10.40 – Tutorial 2: Redshift multipass comps with Fusion
12.44 – A warm endorsement of Redshift customer service
13.30 – Otoy: Octane 4 and Brigade
15.20 – Some of the disadvantages of Octane 3 have been improved
15.50 – “Out of core” geometry
16.21 – Otoy CEO Jules Urbach on Brograph
17.45 – David Ariew
18.20 – AI lighting, scenes and denoiser in render engines
20.00 – Understanding point lights in unbiased render engines
21.00 – Otoy Octane 4 release video
21.30 – Octane 4 is a free upgrade from 3 standalone, and the monthly subscription now allows up to 20 GPUs.
22.00 – Free Subscription with a 2 GPU limit
23.00 – Otoy’s use of the new RNDR blockchain service
24.00 – See Brograph on this topic
25.00 – Blockchain will influence business models across the board, including 3d graphics.
27.10 – Rich’s latest project with Tom O’Neil, director of Narcos titles
27.30 – Yambo studio, Tel Aviv work with many remote artists around the world.
28.05 – Rich’s Node 2017 presentation: a Redshift primer
31.00 – The importance of fundamental techniques and concepts, which can then be applied in the software of your choice.
33.00 – “Roundtripping” between different packages to harness the strengths of each package. Eg After Effects-to-Mocha-to-After Effects
34.00 – Martin from BorisFX episode
34.40 – By comparison, Fusion has really solid tracking, keying and compositing in one package.
35.00 – Roto and cleanup is much more efficient in a node based compositor such as Fusion or Nuke or Natron

35.30 – ProVideoPicks:
CGWiki – Houdini education

36.50 – Houdini: the software of the moment

39.12 – Inspirational video:
40.22 – Sources of Inspiration:
41.28 – Following online:
Liam Wong
Anthony Scott Burns
Styleframes NYC for Tendril

43.16 – Follow Rich online:
43.53 – Rich’s experiments and side projects
44.30 – Rich’s chrome bike, made in MOI

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