Remote Communication Software, Building an Organization, and Taking Big Swings with Grant Shaddick of Tella

Grant Shaddick of Tella chats with Allan of

Show notes:

  • sometimes, we need more than the basic screen recording tools
  • professional video editing tools could be too overwhelming for simpler use cases
  • Tella is a collaborative video editor for team communication, educational content, sales, etc
  • their product enables remote and asynchronous work
  • as an early-stage company, they recognize the value of fostering close relationships among core team members
  • while they don’t have an intention to build a co-located team, Grant recognizes the value of spending time in person with teammates
  • Grant suggests that it’s ideal to enable asynchronous work for most of the time as long as everyone gets together every week or month
  • At an early stage, when playbooks aren’t firm for the founding team, meeting up is more critical
  • Small startups take big swings, the kind of moves that are typically decided together by the founding team
  • At Tella, half of their work is done asynchronously while the other half is synchronous
  • Tools Tella use: TandemNotionLinear (and of course Tella)
  • A job is likely being improvised if a core team member is wearing multiple hats (e.g. acting as a UX designer in the morning then a marketer in the afternoon)
  • For improvisation-heavy roles, it makes more sense to have synchronous communication
  • Heavily defined roles are more suitable for asynchronous communication
  • Doing remote work right doesn’t simply mean bringing your workflows from the office to your home

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