Producing Concise Videos, Team Management, and Reaching Out via Linkedin with David Amselem of BIGVU

Allan of RemoteCompass chats with David Amselem of BIGVU.

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Show notes:

  • It’s important to make your videos concise
  • Minimize rambling with short scripts and teleprompters
  • Video captions strengthen the impact
  • It helps when your script can be easily converted into captions
  • When you send a video for sales outreach purposes, you’d want to include a call-to-action on the page where the video is hosted
  • David is a big believer in having the whole team together in one room
  • Amid lockdowns, the BIGVU team has been able to hire new team members over Zoom calls
  • Moving forward, BIGVU will give their team members the freedom to either work from home or in their office
  • To stand out, salespeople send personalized videos to their prospects
  • There are two parts to a message: 1) who you are/you’re personality and 2) the actual content you’re trying to communicate

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