Phil Roberts: Design, 3D, Retouching, Lighting, Rendering, Octane, Presenting, Tutorials and Communities – Pro Video Podcast 50

In one year Phil has built a career in Motion Design and 3D where he is now presenting for Maxon at NAB. Host Blair Walker discusses this massive career pivot.

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Show Notes: Compiled by Matt Lloyd

00.50 – Introducing Phil, creative retoucher
01.00 – Phil got into Cinema 4D January 2017
02.55 – Phil found it hard to understand how welcoming the C4D community is. See Matt’s article on this, particularly the comments.
04.00 – Phil’s motivation to make Octane tutorials.
04.30 – How the fundamentals of lighting and photography have helped jump start Phil’s 3d career.
06.30 – When lighting in 3d, ask yourself “How would we light this in the real world?” (tip: stay away from the HDRs)
07.00 – What Phil learned from automotive photography and retouching: no direct light is used, it’s all bounced light: the exclusion of light is actually what helps delineate reflective surfaces.
09.00 – Phil’s take on tutorials
10.30 – For the millionth time: Do not present tutorials you’ve followed as your work
10.50 – Phil’s Octane tutorial on Brograph
12.00 – The great benefit of developing skills additional to those you currently use at work: Phil’s ascent into the role of 3D CG artist
13.40 – Phil will be speaking at NAB this year
14.30 – The importance of having a supportive partner
17.18 – Phil’s transformative trip to Half Rez in 2017
19.00 – The gap between schools/universities and real jobs
19.50 – Connect and network if you want to get into the industry: the percentage of entry level people who contact industry professionals is tiny
21.40 – Branding yourself: from Phil Roberts to RaidZer0
24.15 – Mathias Omotala of Maxon
26.00 – Phil’s exploration of animation
27.30 – GorillaCam
29.30 – Learning compositing from a retoucher’s perspective.
32.15 – Phil’s spaceman animation based on a Mixamo walk cycle
32.28 – Mixamo as a creative starting point
33.10 – The French Monkey texture resource
34.50 – The utility of constraints and pre-built assets for learners of 3D and motion design. The topic is so huge that it’s better (and more realistic) to focus on one aspect per project eg animation or lighting or texturing, rather than all of the above.
37.20 – How to develop quickly as a motion designer
37.30 – Randorenders from Brograph

40.15 – Pro Video Picks:
Going to the gym three or four times a week

41.39 – Following Online:

Inspirational Video:
Twisted Poly showreel

43.50 – Vivid: Lighting the Sails Sydney Opera House project
45.30 – Sources of inspiration:
Sci-Fi films

47.00 – Follow Phil Online:
brograph slack

48.50 – Who should come on the show?
David Brodeur
50.48 – Joel Dubin

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