Paul Robinson: Motion Design for sports and broadcast – Pro Video Podcast 42

Paul Robinson – Motion Design for sports and broadcast. More specifically Paul is part of the WWE team providing motion design across the World Wrestling Entertainments stable of shows.

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Show Notes: Compiled by Matt Lloyd

02.00 – WWE overview: multiple brands all designed in-house
03.09 – Workflow at WWE, the life cycle of a typical project, design process.
04.20 – WWE has 2D and 3D design departments; the distinction between them being blurred. During the design process, after style frames have been created, “match-up” graphics are made, featuring the actual talent, to test that designs will actually work in practice. All manner of elements are created: transitions, lower thirds, snipes.
06.00 – Discussion of broadcast vs. online media and their relative importance to WWE. Live shows are still its bread and butter.
07.00 – How having a niche network can allow for visual experimentation. The diverse aesthetics to be found within the WWE network.
07.54 – The reason PR has worked as long as he has at the WWE (five years): he is given considerable creative autonomy.
08.24 – Comparison of trends in advertising motion graphics vs. the WWE.
08.50 – Discussion of the aesthetic influences of the WWE graphics teams.
09.30 – The team actively share inspiration and techniques. Open communication of ideas really helps the design process. Muse opening titles, a personal favourite of PR.
11.42 – Render engines and render farms Consider upload and download times when opting for render farms (eg Rebus, Pixelplow).
14.37 – Paul’s background story started in motion design at age 30.
15.00 – “My transition in to motion was a necessity…”
15.54 – People started hiring him off the back of his personal projects.
16.30 – “Motion graphics is something where you can sit in a room and make your art. Films are a great creative release as well, but more of a team thing… They’re two different things”
17.00 – Music videos PR has worked on: For the band Hollow Bones: Balance//Collapse
18.27 – Discussion of metal illness and the importance of removing the social stigma around it.
18.55 – Eric Thirteen episode
20.15 – FCB’s mental health campaign featuring John Kerwin.
21.23 – Paul’s fledgling years as a filmmaker.
22.00 – Paul’s originally intended to be a stuntman, and was introduced to this world by his uncle, a stuntman who worked on Loaded Weapon.
23.10 – WWE graphics teams structure.
25.35 – Opportunities for juniors/interns at WWE.
26.00 – Working culture at WWE.
26.55 – “Talent will get you through the door, but everybody has to get along.” According to Paul, there’s no room for big egos on his team.
27.17 – “One of the reasons I love the industry so much is that the community is so welcoming, so helpful”.

27.40 – Pro Video Picks:
T-shirt design for Brograph by Gaetan DeSimone

30.44 – Inspirational Videos:
Muse titles by Fernando Domínguez Cózar
Offf London by Future Deluxe
The uncanny valley – “We’re climbing out of it”

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