Paul Lear: Colourist and Baselight Trainer – Pro Video Podcast 27

Paul Lear is a talented Colourist and Baselight Trainer. Join host Blair Walker as he explores the role of a colourist and the state of the industry. What are the new technical developments and the reality of working with a professional colourist? They also discuss collaborating with directors and creatives as well as looking into the technical specifications such as ACES & HDR.

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Images & Sound
The Black Hat Island
Baselight for Avid
Baselight for Nuke
Davinci Resolve
Pauls Work – Hillary
Pauls Work – Why Does Love
FX Guide – Mad Max Day For Night
Adobe Lightroom

Colour Spaces:

ACES – What is ACES
ACES – Getting to know ACES
Rec. 2020 – Wikipedia
Rec. 709 – Wikipedia
Rec. 601 – Wikipedia

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