Part 2 – Duncan Hay: The (many) definitions of IoT; security, trust & IoT in public urban spaces




We have split our conversation with Duncan into 2 separate episodes. Last week we released part 1 of this interview where we talked to Duncan about his work with the Survey of London, the White Chapel Initiative, a technological experiment in the creation and dissemination of urban history – listen here.

In today’s episode we talk to Duncan about the definition and origin of the IoT (Internet of Things) concept, about Alexa and Amazon Echo and about what makes it difficult for people to understand how it operates data.

We talk about security and trust around IoT in public urban spaces through an urban space project in East London. Duncan and the team he was a part of explored what happens to a conversational object (a 3D printed garden gnome) when you give it agency and how to make transparent to people the interconnectedness and communication between IoT objects.

Lastly we talk about IoT governance and trust.

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Mentioned in Podcast:

Bruce Sterling – IoT definition and traceable items
Timothy Morton, Hyperobjects:
Donna J Haraway, The Cyborg Manifesto:—-_a_cyborg_manifesto_science_technology_and_socialist-feminism_in_the_….pdf

Duncan’s work:

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