Node Fest 2018: Motion Design Festival – Pro Video Podcast 64

Node Fest is the premiere Motion Design event for Australasia. James Cowen of Yes Captain is on the show to share what Node 2018 will bring us. Every year it gets better as it supports the community to come together and hear from outstanding talent in Australia, New Zealand and around the world. The lineup of speakers is again a wealth of knowledge and experience that crosses all disciplines with the Motion Design Industry.

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Show Notes: Compiled by Matt Lloyd

05.30 – The 2018 Node line up: Jonny Kofoed of Assembly
07.10 – How James Cowen picks his speakers, and his preference for them to talk about the process of making projects
09.00 – Lisa Vertudaches
12.27 – EJ Hassenfratz
15.30 – Maxon as Sponsor of Nodefest
16.51 – Luca Ionescu
19.10 – Nodefest Slack Group
20.12 – The above group has a blacklist of companies, for motion designers to beware of.
21.20 – Lilian Darmono
23.43 – Ben Watts who will talk at Node about how he made the transition from C4D to Houdini
26.00 – The importance of finding your own voice as a motion designer
30.00 – Studio Partners: HelloLuxx, Dirty Puppet, Mr, Fox and Co, Buck, Yukfoo
31.00 – Industry Partners: Digital Pigeon, Swinburne, aescripts, borisfx, toolfarm, motionworks, acmi, fed square
31.40 – Node Ident Competition

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