Nazima Kadir: Design Anthropologist, Corporate vs Academia; Anthropologists in Research; Ethics in the applied sector – The Human Show Podcast 42



Nazima Kadir is an anthropologist with a PhD from Yale and an author. She has a wide ranging practice, from directing insight teams in design and innovation, presenting and publishing in academic contexts, to working collaboratively with artists. Nazima specializes in ethnography, semiotics and cultural analysis. Commercially, she has worked in brand strategy, service design, healthcare innovation and new product development. Based in London, Nazima has lived and worked all over the world (the U.S., Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe).

In today’s episode, we talk to Nazima about her career path and the limitations of both the commercial and academic worlds. We discuss the transition from academia to private sector consulting, including the different forms of language used in each sector and how anthropologists uniquely contribute in the private sector.  We explore the ethics of conducting research in the private sector. Finally, we discuss Nazima’s long-term doctoral fieldwork in a squatters’ community in Amsterdam which formed the basis of her book and a sitcom.

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Nazima’s book, “The Autonomous Life?” published by Manchester University Press

The sitcom project, “Our Autonomous Life?”

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