Mrudula Sreekanth, Peepal Design India: doing research in India for international companies; the value of a (social science) researcher and how to onboard one – The Human Show Podcast 27








Mrudula Sreekanth has an MICT from the International University in Germany and over 13 years of experience in User Experience Research and Interaction Design in the technology space in India having worked with companies such as SAP, Samsung and Oracle. She is currently the Business Head – UX Research for Peepal Design, India.

Her areas of expertise include: User Experience Research, Contextual Interviews, Formative Usability Testing, Diary Studies and Project Management.

In today’s episode we talk to Mrudula about her academic experience in the early days of AI as well as her extensive research experience in the technology space in India. We explore the process and challenges of doing local research in India for international companies. We cover what she values in a researcher and what are the benefits of hiring a social scientist. Lastly we talk about the power of multidisciplinary teams and how to rapidly integrate a social scientist.

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