Moto One leaks, red OnePlus 6, and iOS 12 preview with Ed Baig of USA Today – Mobile Tech Podcast 63

Join me for episode 63 of the Mobile Tech Podcast with guest Ed Baig of USA Today — brought to you by Audible. In today’s episode, we cover the Moto One leaks, share our Galaxy Note 9 predictions, and talk about the (blood) red OnePlus 6, the BlackBerry KEY2, what iOS 12 brings to the table, and much more. Enjoy 🙂

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Ed Baig:
Moto One leaks:
Moto event Aug 2:
Galaxy Note 9 event Aug 9:
Red OnePlus 6:
My red OnePlus 6 unboxing:
My BlackBerry KEY2 review:
My BlackBerry KEY2 unboxing:
Oppo Find X teardown:
HTC layoffs:
Ed’s iOS 12 preview:
Light’s multi-lens tech coming to a smartphone:
Microsoft folding phone rumors:
“Airbag” smartphone case:

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