Mitch Myers – Freelance Motion Designer & Entrepreneur – Pro Video Podcast 63

Mitch Myers is a freelance Motion Designer. On this episode Mitch shares his experiences in becoming a freelancer. Host Blair Walker discusses with Mitch his business branding, being an entrepreneur and also they look at two pieces of Mitches work in detail. Lots of great topics covered in this episode including design theory, film theory, cinematography, lighting, 3D, art direction and more.

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Show Notes: by Blair Walker

Nura Headphones
Shapist Hourglass Principle
The Jump
Light Kits & VDB Packs

Pro Video Pick: 

Developing a strong positive mindset is extremely important to maintaining a successful creative and entrepreneurial lifestyle.


The Mysterious Universe Podcast – It’s a perfect listen for Mitch while he’s working, full of esoteric and interesting topics.

Where do you find Inspiration and Influence:

I find influence from just about anywhere, mainly when I am not thinking about a solution to my issues.  I could be banging my head against a wall with a problem but when I leave it be the answer always comes to me through my daily life. I think It’s extremely important to fill your life with activities that compliment each other. You can start to form a pretty consistent pattern of inspiration.

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Elastic: The Night Manager

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Merc Vilson, Raidzero, Lorcan O’Shanaha

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