Mariliis Öeren, Behavioral Scientist & Speaker at the Response-ability Summit 2021

Mariliis Öeren is the Chief Scientific Officer at Method X Studios, a company focused on democratising good mental health and ending the mental health poverty gap. Previously she has worked for the National Institute of Health Development in Estonia implementing public health programs. Mariliis holds a PhD in Behavioural Science from the University of Cambridge and has been involved in the development and assessment of a variety of risk behaviour prevention interventions.

We are talking to Marillis today about her contribution to and expectations from the soon-to-be-happening Response-ability Summit! She shares research insights which led Method X Studios to the development of Wakey – an app targeting left behind populations who are currently not benefitting from the digital mental health boom but who are most in need of it. What was the reason for choosing this field and this topic as a research focus? As she herself points out, Mariliis is relatively new to the industry space and is in the process of defining it for herself. We wonder how she feels in this multidisciplinary space and what strikes her as new, difficult or inspiring. We talk of the relationship between industry and academia in the context of the summit and beyond.  At last, she shares what to expect from her talk at the summit, who should come listen and what motivated her to join.

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Response-ability Summit, May 20-21 (Formerly Anthropology + Technology Conference)
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