Marc K. Hébert, Anthropologist & Director, Innovation Office, San Francisco Human Services Agency: policy + tech + design + data – The Human Show Podcast 77





Marc co-founded the Innovation Office in San Francisco government’s social services agency. He gets to lead an internal team that does service design, systems design, visual design and design research. They serve as internal consultants, co-creating digital and non-digital service experiences in the pubic sector.

He received the Edmund Hillary Fellowship in October 2019, allowing him to work in Aotearoa New Zealand. Marc is looking for partners interested in prototyping public policies and using performance data and success metrics to develop healthier organizational culture and better service delivery.

Today’s episode is more collaborative. Marc allowed the space for Corina, the host, to share some of her stories and experiences with applied anthropology. At the center of this dialogue is Aotearoa: a place where Corina started practicing applied anthropology and where Marc (at the time of this recording) headed there for a rapid ethnographic research project to learn from creative New Zealanders.

Throughout this episode we explore Marc’s blend of policy, tech, design and data, what makes New Zealand a unique place to practice applied anthropology, and feedback loops for a global collective of thoughtful practitioners.


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