Manuka Henare: A look into New Zealand anthropology & the concept of technology in Maori Culture – The Human Show Podcast 51






Mānuka Henare works at the University of Auckland within New Zealand and is a professor in Maori Business development. Manuka is foundation director of the Mira Szaszy Research Centre for Maori and Pacific Economic Development. He has advised governments, councils’ businesses and advised in policies among many other high profile projects, and has done research into Maori culture, Business and policies within New Zealand.

In this episode we talk to Manuka Henare about culture, anthropology and his work within New Zealand working with the indigenous Maori people and their culture, as well as his work within the University of Auckland teaching business people to become more aware of the social and cultural structures around them. We talk about technology and how culture should be considered in the design process and also why this should be the case in business practices as well.  


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Manuka Henare’s work:

Henare, M., & Naylor, L. (2018). Kaneke: A Johnson & Johnson Aotearoa Maori Responsiveness Strategy. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry. (pp. 2).

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Hēnare M, Lythberg, B., Nicholson, A., & Woods, C. (2017). Te Ohu Umanga Māori: Temporality and intent in the Māori entrepreneurial team. In Ben-Hafaïedh C, T. Cooney (Eds.) Research handbook on entrepreneurial teams: Theory and practice (pp. 208-230). Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.


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