Lee Stapleton: Content Director, Cinematography, Filming, Lighting, Editing, Grading, Relationships, Rental Houses & Collaborating – Pro Video Podcast 60

Lee shares his approach to Directing and the relationships that make for a better result. Host Blair Walker discusses with Lee how they work as a team with everyone at FCB New Zealand. A lot of discussions about Cinematography, lighting approaches and career development.

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Show Notes:
Compiled by Matt Lloyd

00.40 – Lee introduces himself and explains his role as a content director
04.50 – Discussion of problem solving as a fundamental creative process across all aspects of a production
06.00 – “Stress is contagious”
07.00 – Metrofilm
07.15 – Shooting: with quality gear and expertise, much time and money is saved: you can craft your film, instead of having to rescue shoddy footage
08.45 – Imaginarium
09.00 – Discussion of in-camera effects, such as contact lighting, which are then supplemented by VFX.
10.00 – How open conversations between director and crew during pre-production can make for a happy production (listen to Hugo Guerra on this topic)
14.00 – How being transparent about the limits of your knowledge and abilities as opposed to trying to hide them (e.g. with a technique you have never used before) can garner extra support and appreciation for you.
16.10 – An overview of Lee’s role
18.00 – “Editing in your head”: shooting with the edit front and centre in your mind.
21.00 – Always have backup e.g. audio and cutaway shots
23.20 – Building relationships with producers, and Lee’s preference for being on top of budgets
27.00 – “Never stinge on kit”
28.05 – Imagezone, Kingsize film gear rental
28.20 – Arri Alexa Mini camera
28.55 – Sony A7S II camera
30.23 – Lighting tips, including cutting light
33.19 – Fun fact about the Raiders of The Lost Ark sword fight scene
34.33 – Lee’s career, including a stint in the porn industry
36.45 – Lee learned most of what he knows about lighting in the porn industry

37.46 – Pro Video Picks:
“Keep it in-camera” see Mad Max effects breakdowns

39.15 – Inspirational Video:
Fresh Guacamole by Pes
40.43 – Audio and video are 50/50 in any video project. “Make sure you spend just as much time on the audio as you do on the video”

41.07 – Sources of Inspiration:

42.11 – Who should we have on the show?
James Solomon

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