The Kiwi Bach – The Fearless Kitchen 56

When you rent a bach you are journeying into a true Kiwiana experience. A little holiday house, near the coast or in the middle of farmland, near a volcano or on an island. It doesn’t much matter where you are because the ‘bach’ (say bachelor and take off the ending!) comes in all shapes and sizes and there is one for every traveller.

What is important is to be prepared and to have all your basics sorted for the kitchen.  That way you can simply relax when you get there and have a fantastic holiday with great food, a cool relaxed rhythm and an appreciation of all the local area can offer you too. Join me for some top tips to ensure that your Kiwi bach holiday means that you too get a holiday but one that is fit for purpose and doesn’t mean you have to forsake the food you love whilst you are away from home!

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