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This week Theo chats to Julia Jack from Mercury NZ. Mercury NZ is a New Zealand electricity generation and electricity retailing company. All of the company’s electricity generation is renewable. It owns and operates nine hydroelectric generating stations on the Waikato River and five geothermal plants in the Taupo area. Mercury promotes EV transport in many forms and offers a selection of great offers.

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Episode Links:

EV Subscriptions: https://evdrive.co.nz/.
E-bike: https://www.mercury.co.nz/e-transport-(1)/e-bikes-(1)
E-scooters: https://www.mercury.co.nz/e-transport-(1)/e-bikes-(1)/try-an-e-bike?viewmode=0
Special power plans for New Zealand customers who want to save money when charging their Electric vehicles.
For more info see: https://www.mercury.co.nz/


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