Jonathan Zsofi: Director & Film Festival Producer – Pro Video Podcast 58

The Vision Feast Film Festival is an opportunity for Filmmakers and Motion Designers to enter the numerous categories. Jonathan explains the focus of the festival and the prizes that are on offer.

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Show Notes: Compiled by Matt Lloyd

00.45 – About The Vision Feast
04.25 – Te Makutu short film
07.50 – Planned live events for The Vision Feast in 2019
13.35 – Jonathan’s film-making background
13.55 – Te Makutu was shot in four blocks, one in each season
14.22 – It has just won best film 2018 at NZ International Film Festival
17.00 – The background of the movie: Rhiannon Harata’s dreams
18.30 – Editing process for Te Makutu: from 2 hours down to a short
22.41 – Vision Feast 2018 judges: Chris Graham, director, Juliette Furness, acting coach

26.05 – Pro Video Picks:
Fasting to help with focus and productivity

29.15 – Inspirational Video:
Suraya, Seed of Light a submission to Festival Des Histoires, Canada

30.00 – Sources of Inspiration:
Visiting art galleries while travelling

31.45 – Following Online:
No Such Thing As A Fish
My Dad Wrote A Porno

33.00 – Follow Jonathan Online:
Te Makutu

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